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Can You Wash Exercise Clothes?

Let’s face it.  Quality exercise clothes are expensive. How do you wash exercise clothes?  It is important to take care of them and ensure they last as long as possible.  With high-performance activewear, care needs to be taken when washing. Hot water and high heat drying will drastically shorten the life of the garment.  Photo […]

The Best Tips to Wash Clothes

Washing Laundry is an ever present need regardless of what else is going on in your life.  Let’s look at the best tips to wash clothes to make it a little easier.  Laundry is confusing and it’s easily overwhelming  Should you put your wool sweater in hot water, then in the dryer? (Don’t do this […]

Does Fabric Softener Work?

Fabric softener comes in several varieties, but do fabric softeners work? Most are purchased because they not only soften fabrics, they leave a scent behind that makes clothing smell fresh. Bedsheets and towels are the most common items to use fabric softener on. Fabric softeners keeps laundry smelling fresh while they are being stored. There […]

Small Apartment Laundry Hacks

Small apartments have their own unique challenges with everything from storage to laundry. While it can be nice to stay in a cozy unit, it can make doing your laundry quite difficult. Here are some hacks to help make your small apartment living a bit easier.  Your apartment may be on the smaller side, but […]