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How Often Should You Do Laundry?

Your clothes come in all different shapes, materials, textures, and colors. So, how often you launder each item should be just as varied; you always want to follow the individual care instruction specifications. That way, you get the most life out of each article. Below we’ll go over why some articles of clothing need to […]

5 Hacks For College Students

Where to attend college is a very important (and usually expensive!) decision for high school seniors to make. So, each student should take their time and consider each option before applying and making a final decision. Below are a few hacks to help you get the most value out of your college experience. Start the […]

Washing Machine Supply Chain Issues

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the consumption of goods in the United States. On the one hand, many factors cripple the supply chain of goods imported into the country. Due to other countries grappling with factory closures and worker illnesses. On the other hand, the pandemic has greatly altered our demand for certain […]

Three Ways to Make Laundry Enjoyable

It’s no secret that Americans hate doing chores. We’re busy people, and chores get in the way of spending quality time with family, going out with friends, or pursuing your favorite hobby. Among all the household chores you tackle each week, few carry as much disdain as laundry. Every day the laundry pile seems to […]

How Much Detergent Should You Use?

A detergent is a water-soluble cleansing agent or surfactant that combines impurities and dirt; this makes them soluble and easy to remove. Meanwhile, the difference between it and soap is that detergents do not form a scum with the salts in hard water. Type of Detergents There are three different types of detergents available and […]

In-Unit Laundry vs Floor Laundry

In-unit laundry is a washer and dryer installed to provide convenience and privacy to renters. Therefore, this is an attractive apartment amenity that makes apartments more desirable to potential renters. Floor laundry is a communal place where laundry is done located on the floor of an apartment building (usually the ground floor) where apartment dwellers […]

Cute Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room is an integral part of the house and it’s very important to keep it clean and orderly. Some houses have very large space for the laundry room, while some do not have the luxury of large space. No matter the space you have, we have the best laundry room ideas available. Beyond […]

National Cleaning Holidays You Didn’t Know Existed

There are many national cleaning holidays in the United States of America you didn’t know existed. The holidays promote both organized and individual cleaning programs, so also maintaining good self-hygiene. Here are some of the National Cleaning holidays you didn’t know existed; 1. National CleanUp Day Holidays This annual cleaning holiday celebrated in the United […]

Top 3 Apartment Amenities You Need to Have

Apartment amenities are very important because they provide tenants desired comforts and make the experience of living in an apartment memorable. They are a special feature of an apartment that is unique to that particular building. For instance, there are different categories for apartment amenities. Kitchen amenities  High-quality kitchen appliances High-quality kitchen countertops  Dishwashers Laundry […]